Discover the Convenience of a Portable Couch Desk

Be more productive while working from home in Delton, MI

If you're working from home, it can be hard to stay focused. It's especially tough if you don't have a good workspace. Bear Creek Company Inc. can build you a couch desk where you'll be able to combine the comfort of your couch with the organization of a desk.

You couch desk can be used on the couch or in bed. It can be adjusted from 24" tall to 37" tall and has a knuckled arm for an extension from 0" to 20". The arm rotates 360 degrees for maneuverability and comfort. The base is painted black steel with an oak top finished with Golden Oak and satin poly.

The dimensions of your new couch desk are:

Weight - 26 lbs
Length - 28"
Width - 19"
Height - 24"

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Give yourself a level surface to work

Give yourself a level surface to work

With a portable laptop desk, you can work from anywhere. Move to another room while your roommate takes a video call, or sit outside to enjoy the fresh air. We'll craft a beautiful, functional laptop desk you're sure to use all the time.

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