Add Custom Furnishings to Your Home

Check out our wooden furniture in Delton, MI

You don't have to settle for boring, cookie-cutter furniture. Furnish your home with custom wooden furniture from Bear Creek Company Inc. based in Delton, MI.

From beautiful blanket and bedding racks to custom coffee tables, we can make whatever custom wooden pieces you want. Plus, we'll work closely with you to ensure we understand your vision and give you results you'll love.

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Discover why customers choose Bear Creek Company

Nothing makes your home stand out more than custom wooden pieces you can't get from anywhere else. Our customers choose us to furnish their homes because:

  • We use locally sourced products on every piece
  • We provide top-quality craftsmanship
  • We offer warranties on all our products

To learn more about our custom wooden furniture services, contact us today.

Keep Your Blankets Neat and Orderly

Put a wooden blanket rack in your home in Delton, MI

Don't just let your blankets sit in a pile, growing musty and dusty. Bear Creek Company Inc. makes beautiful blanket racks you can use to organize all your throw blankets and bedding. With your new wooden blanket rack, you'll be able to easily locate your favorite quilt when you want to get cozy.

Contact us today to order a wooden blanket rack from us in Delton, MI.

Make sure you always haveyour favorite blanket in reach

Make sure you always have
your favorite blanket in reach

You can get a blanket rack with custom distressed rails and black steel bars. Our racks come with industrial mounting brackets so you can hang them from your wall without worrying about them falling down. Blanket racks are 24 lbs and measure 6" in length, 32" in width and 48" in height.

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